We are empowering women of today to be our leaders of tomorrow by providing endless resources to our network to help make their dreams happen and their goals a reality.

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    We are a community that offers a wealth of experience, connections and resources that are tailored to support our members in their bold pursuit of big achievement.

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    We are compelling women to dream big and to lean-in and take more active roles in our business community.

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    We are leading our community by creating vision, driving success, and building a legacy for the next generation of women in business.

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We are connecting women to each other, to fresh opportunities and to new networks.
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Have you ever listened to a successful entrepreneur talk about her passion? She felt called to do it, as if from birth she knew what she was destined to do. And you wonder, if you don’t have that same intense calling, if you will ever be as successful? In other words, does passion always have to come first or can success lead you to your passion? According to Karina Birch it can, just as it did for her.


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We believe in growing an authentic brand.  We don’t just talk – we do! We are consistent in our efforts to help grow the resources available with this network.


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WECAN: Women Entrepreneurs Connecting And Networking

WECAN: Empowering and Inspiring Women to Achieve in Business

Women Entrepreneurs Connecting and Networking (WECAN) is an empowering community of Canadian women entrepreneurs that seek to grow in their lives both professionally and personally. Here at WECAN, we foster positive relationships, and we are motivated by the experiences and stories of female entrepreneurs in the business world. In addition to being a driving force behind female entrepreneurship in the world of business, we also advocate and encourage women to kick start their business spirit and to achieve a high level of success in their endeavors. Our networking efforts in inspiring women to be business leaders of tomorrow has given women the empowerment that they need to succeed and thrive.

Here at WECAN, our goal is to bring women together, so that they can celebrate successes, support, teach, and inspire one another. We collaborate with organizations, networks, and businesses, to ensure that our opportunity base is diverse and massive for our valued members. If you are a passionate and dynamic female that wants to delve into business but needs added support, then we are the go-to source. We grow authentic brands, and we consistently work to provide the tools and resources that women need to achieve great things. From workshops and networked events, to feature events, seminars and more, we provide engaging opportunities that women can get excited about.

What We Can Offer

  • Compelling Business Opportunities
  • Seminars, Workshops, Networked Events, and More
  • Community Involvement to Support Our Members
  • Developing Vital Business Relationships with Our Members
  • Inspiration, Tools, and Resources to Succeed
  • Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity

Contact us today to learn more, or to get started with joining our amazing network of women who want to succeed in the business world. We will be pleased to provide any assistance that we possibly can.

Suite 173, 314-222 Baseline Road, Sherwood Park AB T8H 1S8
| Phone: 780-903-4271
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